What does Red Pill mean?

On men’s sites, you will see reference being made to “red pill.”

For example:

  • Man, that’s so red pill.
  • Before I was red pill…
  • He’s a red pill guy.

It’s a reference to the film The Matrix where “blue pill” stands for unquestionably accepting the world as it has been presented to you and “red pill” stands for painfully emerging from the Platonic cave to a true understanding of the world.

In the so-called “manosphere,” red pill refers to the epiphany in a man’s life when he realizes that what his modern secularist society taught him about politics, feminism, divorce, marriage, sexual revolution, egalitarianism, etc. is not just incorrect but horribly destructive to society.

Some men take “red pill” to mean “Feminism is bogus. I’m now going avoid women or use women since they’ve used me.” But for most and for increasingly more, men are trying to figure out how to reestablish male and female roles in society, or at least establish traditional male/female interaction in their own lives, marriages, and families.

It’s that moment when a man transfers from saying, “Well, there are forms of feminism that are really good. I consider myself a feminist,” to realizing that feminism doesn’t seek parity between men and women. Feminism wants to restrict and punish anything that is masculine in society. It desires men to conform to a feminine standard of behavior, thinking, and conduct. “Acting male” is derided as machismo and chauvinistic…or pathetic.

You begin to see:

  • How contemporary TV shows and films present husbands/fathers as evil, absent, silly, abusive, or pathetic.
  • How sermons and homilies are often constructed to endear women to the pastor by identifying masculine men and masculine traits as “non-spiritual.” It often assumes that “feminine spirituality” is the best and that men must conform to it in order to be truly holy.
  • How socialist policies are aimed at polarizing and unifying the female voting block as a united demographic dependent on “reproductive rights” and social assistance programs.
  • How the marriage laws (and “no fault” divorce laws) have been changed to award “cash and prizes” to women who abandon their husbands and children.
  • How younger men are encouraged by society, campuses, and schools to act feminine, passive, and effeminate with their voice, mannerism, attire, and demeanor.

So when you see “red pill” it refers to the men rejecting the post sexual revolution environment.

What else entails in “red pill” awareness?