No it’s not another political article.  It’s a serious guy talk.

We live in a culture that seems to be going back, back to the basics.  Even if you personally are not, I bet you know someone that is.   There’s a public turn to go back to “natural.”  Some want organic grass feed beef, or cage free vegetarian fed chickens and their eggs.  Others are gluten free or follow the Paleo or Specific Carbohydrate Diets.  Vegetarian.  No dairy.  All organic.  A lot of us, and justly so, are worried about what we and our loved ones are eating.   But do we think about what we are drinking?

That, my brothers, is what I want to discuss today.  What’s in your water?  Do you know?  Here is what’s in mine.

Sure, there’s some good in there…calcium and magnesium, but there is a lot of stuff not good for you to drink:  Chlorine (don’t we tell the kids not to drink pool water because of this), lead & fluoride to name a few.  My point is, we worry about our food, but do we have the same concern for our water, which we consume more then food each day?

Some of us might drink bottle watered, but that can get expensive and is it really that good for the environment?  I’m no tree hugger, but one stat I saw said 60 million water bottles are thrown away each day, 22 billion total last year.  That’s alot.  Some of us may have a filter system or pitcher like a Brita, but is it really filtering your water or just getting some stuff out?    As you can see, it depends what system you get.  None of them get everything out of my water.  Plus I question their durability.  We’ve personally gone through two pitches in a few years time.  Ourselves and two family members all went through the faucet filter in less then a year.  Plus the cost of replacing the filters every few months really add up.

So is there a system that is affordable, durable and does the job?  Yes, the Big Berkey Water Filter System.

This thing takes it all out of your water and is the only filter I’m aware of that takes fluoride out (you don’t want to be drinking that ).  It’s so good, it can clean creek water.  If there was ever a long term failure of our power grid, whether though a cyber attack, nuclear attack or zombie apocalypse, it would take about three days before the water treatment plants ran out of clean water and then the stuff coming into your home would not be drinkable.  I’m pretty sure the number three scenario above would never happen, but if, God forbid, anything like one and two happened, Big Berkey is the system that you would want around.

Its also affordable.  Sure you pay more upfront, but the main filters are cleanable and last up to 6000 gallons (4 years for my family) and the fluoride filters last 1000 gallons.  I’ll spend a fraction of the cost on filters that I would for other systems.  Here’s an analysis between the Big Berkey and other leading brands, looking at cost and what it removes.    Plus this thing is durable.  Its all stainless steel.  Unless your kids are using it as a baseball tee, this will last a very long time, not the short life span of a Brita.  And there is a size for everyone or family, even camping and on the go sizes.

I could go on and on about how much we love this thing.  I make no money whatsoever from them, I just really like our Big Berkey, and so does the family.  Every time my wife now tastes tap water she says “it’s like I’m drinking arsenic.”   I cannot disagree.  Do yourself and you loved ones a great favor, get a Big Berkey.