There is so much wrong with Donald J. Trump, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Nevertheless, I narrowed down to four main points what is wrong with this man.

1. His grammar

By far his most glaring characteristic. I challenge you to listen to any of his speeches or interviews, and tell me this is a learned man. If you listen to anything he says, you’ll notice a huge lack of cohesion and understanding. It’s as if he just starts talking for no particular reason, and he hopes to find the point before he reaches the end of his sentence. His thoughts bounce around so much, he’s essentially a walking non sequitur. How did he get anywhere in life with such poor communication skills? I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise his supporters were found to have poor grammar too. Birds of a feather…

2. His character

A populist with a god complex, Trump is easily offended and very impatient. He’s a lot like a child. Do we really want that in the White House? If anyone dares disagree with him, he’ll lash out with insults because he has no real opposing argument. Furthermore, his ego and self-worth are blown way out of proportion. Does he really want to ‘Make America Great Again’? No, he wants more power and attention, and the foreign powers of the world would chew him up and spit him out. He does not belong on the world stage, let alone the American stage. Here is an excellent clip to illustrate his maturity level:

3. His flip-flopping

I’ll let this short video speak for itself:

4. His voice

Alright, this is a ‘yuge’ cheap shot. Still, this is the icing on the irritating Trump cake.

How can it be that so many people find this guy attractive? He clearly has no understanding of grammar. He is conceited and childish. He changes his views whenever politically expedient. Also, he donated money to Anthony Weiner and Nancy Pelosi. Come on, how does he get away with that?

Donald, stay in New York where you belong. Your “New York Values” (pronounced: progressive beliefs) fit in well there.

You don’t belong in Washington, D.C.