Before reading, please listen to this two minute NPR clip.

After getting three hours of sleep and while driving into work the morning after election day, I heard the above clip on NPR radio.  Honestly, my initial reaction was joy.  Not so much at the hurt the ladies in the clip are going through, but the fact that the person they idolized is not my president.  I shared it with family and friends and did not get the reaction I thought I would.   I played it several more times throughout the day and, as I started to come out of my sleep deprived coma, I noticed something.  This is a very sad commentary.

When President Obama became president in 2008 and won again in 2012, I was upset.  But not as much as the women in this NPR clip.  I expected Obama to win in 2008, so I was braced, but really thought he would lose in 2012.  But even then I did not have the reaction portrayed in this clip.  The obvious reason for the difference in our reactions is that they idolize Clinton.  The women in their clip put all their hope in her.  November 8, 2016 was their crowning moment.  As for me, my hope is in our Savior.  My crowning moment will be attaining heaven.  I have to fight in this world for what is moral and good, and the Obama presidency was a blow to that fight, but not the end.  I always have hope.  These ladies lost even that on Tuesday.

Yes, now when I listen to this clip, my heart hurts for these women.  They have lost sight of the true meaning of life and now seek only the lie of the liberal feminist. Instead of embracing being made in the image and likeness of God, these women made themselves into the image of Hillary Clinton.  Instead of embracing real hope in God, they picked up toy hammers, sugar glass and pant suits.   Instead of embracing their true vocation as Woman, they have embraced the devil’s lie of being Co-man.

Play the clip again and please comment below.