The Maccabee Society holds to high standards when it comes to its authors and the quality of its articles. We usually withhold space for our in-house columnists (Maccabee Fellows). However, if you think you have what it takes to write and you have a compelling article, we will consider your piece.

Maccabee Society Submission Guidelines

  1. If it is your first submission, you need to include 5 items:
    1. attach your article to the email (MS Word or Google doc)
    2. along with featured image that is relevant to your article or review (image must be larger than 800 pixels wide),
    3. your name or pseudonym,
    4. your image or avatar,
    5. and a short bio that will appear under your article.
  2. Tell a Story. Nobody wants to read Spock’s review Johnny Walker Red. Tell us a story. Reviews and articles should always review the item by telling a story. (eg, I shot my first deer with this rifle. My wife and I drank this wine at our wedding. My grandfather bought me this knife. I read this book as a high school senior. I first used this thermos when I was hiking in Alaska…and then go on to explain the merits or demerits of the item.)
  3. Length. Articles should be 600-2,000 words. Reviews of books and films should be 600-2,000 words. Reviews of booze, guns, or gadgets should be 300-600 words, but if you have a good story to tell, you can stretch it out a little more on the word count.
  4. Recognize our genre and audience. Conservative dudes. We aren’t interested in articles on the need for gun control or the glories of Planned Parenthood. Take that to the Huffington Post.
  5. Originality. If we have already reviewed something, please don’t submit another review unless you have rebuttal that blows away the original review. If your article is similar to something our in-house columnists (Maccabee Fellows) have already published, it won’t be considered.
  6. Perpetual license. When you submit an article, we have a perpetual license to display and publish your article under the Maccabee Society label and brand. We may distribute your article in email newsletters, social media, or other compilations. Once it is submitted, you cannot ask for it to be taken down.
  7. Exclusivity. If you submit your article to us, please do us the courtesy of not submitting it elsewhere. We do make the exception when your article is published on your own personal site. We are fine if you want to post something on your blog and also on Maccabee Society – just nowhere else.
  8. Professionalism. Submit your work free of mistakes in spelling and grammar. We do not edit your articles. If it’s sloppy, it won’t even be considered. Avoid profanity.

Send your complete and edited article to

Maccabee Society FAQ

Can I later publish my submission on my own site/blog?

Yes, as long as you link there saying it was published first at the Maccabee Society.

Can I submit an article that has already been published elsewhere?

No, unless it is your own personal site. If your article was published on another site or in a magazine/journal, we will not consider it.

Can I use this article as a way to promote my other work?

You may crosslink your blog, company, Twitter, or Facebook in your bio, but you may not link to these links or to a sales page, squeeze page, or email capture page within the article itself.

Can I submit a synopsis first?

No, please submit a full article or review for consideration.

Do I get paid for my submission?

No, we do have funds to pay for submissions.

How do I become an in-house columnist (Maccabee Fellow) or writer for the Maccabee Society?

If we publish 10 of your submissions, you may qualify to become a Fellow for the Maccabee Society.

Can I write under an anonymous name?

Yes, but it must consist of a normal sounding first and last name. Anonymous writers can become Fellows.

Send your complete and edited article to