I’m about to embark on Exodus 90 in a few days and I’m documenting my vitals, labs, and lifts to know where I am on day 1 and then where I am day 91.

One of my goals is to substantially raise my 1x deadlift.

I read in an article that Henry Cavill (Superman actor) can 1x deadlift 435 pounds (197 kilos) and that Hugh Jackman (Wolverine actor) can 1x deadlift 415 pounds (188 kilos).

Pretty solid. That got me thinking:

What was Arnold pulling in his heyday?

I looked up it up here are Arnold’s strongest lift numbers:

  • Deadlift: 710 pounds (322 kilos)
  • Squat: 545 pounds (247 kilos)
  • Bench: 440 pounds (200 kilos)

Basically Arnold is 300 pounds beyond Cavill and Jackman…because Arnold was on steroids (as he confesses in the video below).

We’ve spoken before on Maccabee Society about the 1,000 Pound Club (here), but these best numbers place Arnold into the 1,600 Pound Club. However, he was all roided up, of course…

Arnold’s strength is naturally impossible because it’s synthetic. Without steroids, a 400+ deadlift is very respectable. Props to Cavill and Jackman.

Questions for comment box:

How many of you can pull 400+ from the floor?

How many of you have tried Exodus 90?