We had a great Maccabee Society Meet Up in Texas last week. Here’s a photo:

IMG_9951The award went to Ben who drove 3 hours to join us for a discussion on the recent martyrdom on Father Hamel in France and US politics. We discussed third party voting strategies, local politics, long-game government solutions, Hilary, Bill, Trump, and more Trump.

My favorite part of the discussion was each man’s response to the question: “What one piece of advice would you give to your 22 year old self?” Some of guys were still in their early 20s, others were showing grey hairs, so the answers varied:

  • “Be more assertive.”
  • “Commit to work on a real relationship with Christ.”
  • “Listen to your parents more.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to fail a few times in your 20s.”
  • “Start a business.”

For the sake of fraternity and encouragement, I challenge all the readers to have a Maccabee Meet Up in their local area – even if it’s only 3-5 guys. With our larger numbers now, we have at least 5-100 men in each major city.

Top 25 Cities with the highest Maccabee Society Density.

Here are the top 25 cities with the most Maccabee Society readers from greatest to least. If you live in one of these cities, you could easily assemble a Maccabee Meet Up. The cities below have many Maccabee readers:

  1. Houston
  2. Dallas/Fort Worth (that’s where we had this recent Meet Up)
  3. Chicago
  4. New York
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Toronto, Canada
  7. Cincinnati
  8. Washington DC
  9. Atlanta
  10. Phoenix
  11. Austin
  12. Denver
  13. Sydney, Australia
  14. San Antonio
  15. Wichita
  16. London, England
  17. Miami
  18. Pittsburgh
  19. Quezon City, Philippines
  20. Minneapolis/Saint Paul
  21. San Francisco
  22. St. Catharines, Canada
  23. Philadelphia
  24. Windsor, Canada
  25. New Orleans

If you don’t see your city/region, don’t worry. You can still pull one off. Pick a date. Pick a pub. Find Maccabee men through the site’s comments. Send out an evite. Meet up.

Let us know if you have Maccabee Meet Up. Well post the photos.