This is my father’s favorite sipping Scotch and so I have a sentimental love for it. Oban 14 is the flavor of birthday parties, Christmas, baptisms, first Communions, Confirmations, and weddings.

More than any other single malt scotch, Oban 14 Year tastes like home and there is no place like home. If I meet my dad at a nice restaurant, the proceedings begin with Oban 14 Year.

Several years back in 2006 or so there was an Oban 14 Year shortage. That was really rough on everybody. Fortunately, my father’s business partner was able to secure a case of it from overseas. Yeah, we like Oban 14 Year.

My brother and brother-in-law recognize it as the distilled glue of the family. It’s only 14 years on the oak (my review of Oban 18 year is here). It’s got that subtle highland smoke profile coupled with salt. Some describe the salty flavor as “seaweed” but I don’t agree. It doesn’t taste like seaweed to me. What’s unique about Oban 14 is its citrus profile on the palate which turns into a dried fruit flavor after it enters your throat.

I’m going to rate this high because it has so much sentimental value. I imagine that this will be the scotch I taste at funerals in the decades to come – and remember the dozens of good times we shared with an Oban in hand.

Maccabee Society Rating for Oban 14 Year: 98

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