The Maccabee Society is a site for Trinitarian Christian men. As you might imagine, a site that affirms Christian moral norms, fatherhood, self-improvement, earning money for a living, personal responsibility, traditional matrimony, virtue ethics, and masculinity…attracts trolls and aggressive comments.

Here are the Maccabee Society rules for comments:

  1. Expect your comment to be deleted. Realize that we don’t need anyone’s comments. The published comments from the public are perceived as add-ons to our articles. As soon as you publish a comment, it belongs to MS and we can keep it or delete. If you are offensive or threatening, we will delete your comment. If your comments are constructive and expand on the themes of our articles, they will stay up. Otherwise, expect them to be deleted.
  2. Know our audience. The readers and writers here are 100% male and 100% Christian from Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant traditions. Don’t waste your time trying to convince us of Islam, Mormonism, Polyamory, Third-Wave Feminism, Transgenderism, Communism or whatever else they were talking about at Starbucks this morning.
  3. Comment on-topic only. Tangents will happen, but try to stay on topic. If you want to talk about something else, submit an article.
  4. Back up your claims. Don’t make up stats or make up facts. Do some real research.
  5. Be logical. Emotional appeals will be 100% ignored. If someone asks you a real question, try to answer it with a logical answer before commenting elsewhere in the thread.
  6. No trolls allowed. No set of rules can cover every contingency. These are guidelines, but overall just don’t be a troll. Judgments of the moderator are final and not subject to appeal.