Here’s a reason why you need to lift heavy: failure.

Every man can and does fail and a collection of failures often leads to great success. I consider myself very successful, but my boneyard of failures is plentiful. I rejoice in it in retrospect, although in the moment I dreaded the failures.

We speak often of weightlifting at Maccabee Society. One of the greatest assets of lifting is that ability to fail so safely. 

As I ramped up to a 400 pound squat, guess how many times I failed to reach it? Dozens. Did I finally do it. Yes, but I earned that lift through all those failures.

Failing in public is humiliating. Failing at the gym (even in a public gym) is private and anonymous.

Weightlifting gives you the forum to fail and to fail often. It’s hardens you up and prepares you for the win.

PS: Don’t get hurt. When you fail, fail safely.

Memento mori,
Dr Taylor Marshall