Every Maccabee reader should seek a way to engage in the metapolitical struggle against postmodern degeneracy. Western Civilization and much of our cherished Christian patrimony is at stake. To this end, the work of Dr. Jordan Peterson presents an invaluable resource. Peterson has become an unlikely hero to the intellectual right. A mild-mannered Canadian psychology professor at the University of Toronto, Peterson was catapulted into the national spotlight when he refused to comply with new university mandates, requiring professors to use exotic gender pronouns for transgender students. Peterson argued that the university had no right to compel such speech – particularly when it had zero linguistic or medical legitimacy – and criticized the transgender ideology pervading academia as a weapon of postmodern cultural Marxists. Predictably, Leftists launched an hysterical campaign to have Peterson fired. Surprisingly, the Canadian press ended up siding with Peterson and his position was saved. The incident made Peterson a public figure, however, and millions began seeking out his psychology lectures on YouTube.

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Dr. Peterson has become increasingly outspoken against growing anti-science and anti-free speech leftist attitudes. He has called for the eradication of methodologically baseless and ideologically toxic programs like “Gender Studies”. Peterson has likewise criticized Gender Theory, Critical Theory, and the normalization of mental illness as a lifestyle choice worthy of celebration. Dr. Peterson is well suited for this role, as a practicing clinical psychologist with an expertise in personality (and thus gender differences and deviancy) as well an academic who taught at Harvard, he’s hardly a fringe crank.

Peterson is thus to the Left what holy water is to the possessed. He triggers them in a way that conventional conservative pundits or intellectuals simply cannot. This is because he defies the profile of the straw man they’d like to construct. He is an intellectual academic, polite, articulate – the personification of the inoffensive archetypal Canadian – and every point he makes is scientifically irrefutable from the Leftist paradigm of pure emotionalism and Critical Theory. Unable to engage him intellectually (how could they, given that logic, reason and debate are the weaponized constructs of white males and therefore invalid?), Leftists are reduced to their usual modus operandi of smearing him as a bigot, a fascist, a Nazi, etc

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Perhaps the most remarkable feature of Peterson’s rise to prominence is his unwitting success in the New Evangelization. Thousands of young people have posted comments or tributes to Peterson for radically reorienting the way they thought about Christianity and saving them from the nihilism of unbelief. This is in part because Peterson created an outstanding Biblical lecture series, interpreting the great narratives through a Jungian psychoanalytical lens. Peterson argues that every story in the Bible is true, regardless of historicity, because they reveal profound psychological truths. He has criticized New Atheist dimwits like Dawkins and Sam Harris for their dismissive attitudes towards Biblical stories as primitive, pre-scientific mythology and passionately illuminated the rich profundity that each story transmits.

Peterson’s own Christianity is somewhat mysterious. He has been called a Kierkegaardian, existentialist Christian, and it’s unclear if he attends church or belongs to a particular denomination, although he was raised in a mainline Protestant Church. That said, he has formed intellectual bonds with multiple Orthodox priests and scholars, and has been witnessed leading an OrthoBro posse. Perhaps he is looking East? (No beard yet, sadly, but that can be fixed)

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In any event, the best place to start your study of Peterson is this outstanding talk he gave at Harvard. It traverses his understanding of postmodernity, Western Civilization, marxism, education, and recounts his transgender intifada at the University of Toronto, making it an excellent intro. His Joe Rogan podcasts are also solid, and he will be found on the Jocko Podcast today or tomorrow, which I’m very eager to enjoy. His Biblical lecture series can be found here, and his various psychology classes are also packed with fascinating lectures. I particularly enjoyed his analyses of Solzhenitsyn, Hitler and the Soviet Union. Wherever you end up on his extensive YouTube channel, you can’t go wrong. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Facebook, where he maintains an active presence. 

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