Maccabee Reader Paul challenged me on a home defense topic:

Love your ministry brother… but I have to call you out. Shotgun is not “It’s the best home security weapon” – an AR-15 is the #1.


Rethink that. An AR15 is sending high speed .223 bullets through wood, brick and even soft concrete. You may hit the bad guy, but that bullet will pass through and may end up in your neighbors kitchen – or in your baby’s bed across the house. Not prudent. Keep the damage contained.
Shotguns are best for home defense for 2 reasons:
1) Shotguns do not require precise accuracy in a situation of stress, sleep, and darkness. Shotguns spray. Rifles do not.
2) The bbs from shotgun shot is more likely to be restricted by sheetrock, brick, and wood. This prevents the blast from entering adjacent rooms or homes.