Look, you need positive energy in your life if you’re a man in modern society. You’re pulled in a hundred different directions. Life is draining. And Sunday, for Christians, Catholic or Protestant, is supposed to be Recharge Day.
Ideally, you come together with your loved ones and friends into the mystical Communion that is the Lord’s Supper, nourished in mind and spirit by this transcendent experience until you do it again next week (or day, if you can swing it). But it’s difficult to do that if you’re depressed over the sorry state of your worship service on Sunday.
If you have a family, you as the father have a special duty to them to foster their spiritual growth while shielding them from malign spiritual influences. Put it another way, the most important duty you the father have is to introduce your children to their Father. That includes protecting them and yourself from theological relativism and liberal falsehoods that confuse understanding God. In a larger sense, you have a duty to promote to the best of your ability congregations that will promote the God-centered masculinity for men and Mary-inspired femininity for women that can regenerate our damaged and deranged civilization.
While there might be various reasons that one or more of these signs might apply through no one’s fault, if more than three or so of these warning signs apply, you may want to drive out of your way to attend a congregation with more positive qualities. Remember, the chief tools the layperson possesses to effect liturgical change in the Church are his feet and his wallet. Don’t be afraid to leave a congregation if there’s a better one you can attend weekly in good conscience.

Your Congregation Might Be Liberal and Dying If…

13. Your Congregation does not proudly advertise its historical denomination. For example, “St. Brendan’s Church”, as opposed to “St. Brendan’s Catholic Church”. (That example is real. In general, the blurring of distinctions is a liberal trait.)

12. Your Preacher sounds like Mr. Rogers from PBS… and always addresses your congregation as though you were the real Mr. Rogers’ target audience.

11. Your Preacher never gives you any concrete goals to pursue that don’t involve fundraising.
10. The Sermon or Homily makes little or no reference to the words of Scripture, or forces the Scripture unnaturally to “support” the topic they wanted to talk about anyway, ignoring the Author’s original intent.
9. Your Preacher never makes any mention of Satan as a real person who desires to damn you.
8. There are communal prayers for the Congregation’s “hearts to change” on political issues that are obviously directed at the congregation and not to God Almighty.
7. More than 70% of the Congregation is dressed for a day at Disney World.
6. There are far more elderly people in the congregation than babies.
5. All of the Hymns were composed after 1970 and utilize variations of only three chords (Dominant, Subdominant, Tonic for those with musical training).
4. Your congregation uses screens to project lyrics and responses for the congregation to mumble.
3. Your congregation has a “Gathering Hymn” instead of a “Processional”, “Entrance” or “Opening Hymn”.
2. All the Congregants leave their pews as the Closing Hymn is still playing and (theoretically) being sung.
And the #1 sign your congregation might be Liberal:
No masculine heterosexual men.
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 For more perspective on this topic as it regards priests, check out the book by Michael S. Rose: Goodbye Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church.
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