We had a lively discussion last week hosted by Judah Maccabee on why Young Men Should Never Date a Feminist: 11 Warning Signs. My wife just pointed out a great article at The Federalist on a similar topic from the female perspective by Nicole Russell: “What Women Really Want Is The Patriarchy” (The Federalist)

Here are some great quotes from Nicole on who women are naturally repulsed by “beta male lap dogs”:

Problem is, the kind of men feminist padawans tend to attract are—how do I say this politely?—not really men. Studies even show contraception users are attracted to more passive, feminine men. I mean, they have man parts, but they are defensive, irresponsible, and passive-aggressive. Some people call them betas, and they are a lot like those cute lap dogs: They do what you want but they’re needy and boring and growl or whine to get their way. Sad!

 and another on how women deeply desire the polarity of a take-action man:

Deep down in the confines of her soul where she hasn’t even bothered to look, much less understand, a woman wants a man who exudes masculinity, who remains a steady rock in her current-filled stream of emotions and hormones. Instead of a man who says he’ll eat at the restaurant of her choice for the fifteenth time that month, she wants a man who cooks a meal she’s never tried before.

and this one on how women need to ditch their Feminism if they want to find the man worth marrying:

The direct, honest, responsible, hard-working man many a woman desires can be just the type she’ll find, once she ditches the ideology that told her she didn’t need that to be happy in the first place.

For guys reading this, it’s a reminder of Maccabee Society Law #1: “Don’t be a passive-aggressive beta male.” Become a great-hearted man of great action.

Click the link below to read the full article:

“What Women Really Want is The Patriarch” by Nicole Russell

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