The name is great. Dalwhinnie is Gallic for “Meeting Place” and that’s what a scotch is: a place to gather. This is Taylor Marshall’s top 5 Scotches. He named gatherings of the Troops of Saint George “Dalwhinnies” in honor of this whisky.

The first time I tried Dalwhinnie 15 Yearcwas a scotch tasting event in my home back in 2007. We hired a scotch expert who showed up in a kilt and with 6 bottles of single malt scotch. As the night progressed, we noted that the men new to scotch loved Dalwhinnie and the guys who were really into scotch, also loved Dalwhinnie. It was a nice “meeting place” in the middle.

Before you drink this Highland single malt, smell it first. The nose has hints of Heath bar, honey, and pear. It’s awesome. The taste lacks the smell of the fruit. On the tongue you get malt, nuts, and light peat smoke. I like a peat profile and Dalwhinnie nails it with the flavor without overpowering you (which is why scotch newbs can get into it).

When the whisky hits the throat its smooth and long. No burn from this 15 year friend. You’ll get a hint of almond or nuts on the way down.

This is one of the best scotch’s on the market for the price. Unfortunately, the price has been sneaking up over the years. Jim Murray gave Dalwhinnie 15 Year a rating of 95 points. I think it’s better than that. I’m giving it a 97. It destroys scotches that I have in the 18+ year range.

Maccabee Society Rating for Dalwhinnie 15 Year Scotch: 97

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