If you’re like me, you have a great love for this country, but in recent years (or decades) may have become discouraged by the lack of morals our nation and government have shown.  You may be discouraged that we have drifted so far from the founding principles of this country and drifted even further from our religious beliefs as a nation.   Discouraged by what seems to be a world in a downward spiral.   In fact, you may feel that nothing short of the Second Coming of Jesus can right this ship.  That’s exactly how I felt, until I heard Gerard Lameiro on Relevant Radio’s Drew Mariani Show.

I listen to a lot of Catholic talk radio, especially on the topics of politics and the economy.  Most of what I hear on these topics is less than optimistic.  Mr. Lameiro was a bright light shining in the darkness.  He was optimistic not only about this upcoming election, but about the people of America and the restoration of our core principals.  The interview with him on Relevant Radio has given me hope that it is still possible for our country to return to conservative and moral principles through our political process, even without a great flood or fire raining down from heaven.  At the end of the interview, Lameiro mentioned his new book Great News for America: The Constitution, Freedom and Prosperity are Coming Back, and I knew it was a must read (especially with the ebook price of only $3.99).

In his book, Mr. Lameiro researches past presidential elections and lists what he calls “critical presidential elections”. These are elections where Americans have said, “Enough is enough” and voted for strong conservative leaders to restore our values.  Most of us witnessed this in 1980’s with the election of Ronald Reagan.  Mr. Lameiro points out that historically, Americans do not overthrow their out- of-control government with violence, but with their votes.  That when things are bad, voters come out in great numbers and shift the politics of America, which leads to the restoration of conservative morals values and the guiding principles of this country.  Mr. Lameiro then goes on to lay out his case for why he thinks this is a critical election.

He says that the issues of terrorism, the economy, immigration, immorality, and out-of-control judges are going to bring out a record number of voters in November.  He lists ways the new president will quickly address these areas and help restore Americans’ confidence in our government.   He talks about how the new president will usher in a conservative era that will strictly adhere to the constitution.  He even gives some insight as to how the transition from one president to another takes places.  And woven throughout the book are ten predictions Mr. Lameiro makes about this election and the new president’s first term in office. Some of these predictions are BOLD.

You should read this book if you:

  • Think only the second coming of Jesus can save our country
  • Are a conservative who wants change
  • Want to restore hope in our country and its people
  • Think it would be fun to see if the ten predictions come true
  • Want to fill point 9 of Maccabee Society’s The Wise Man’s 11 Point Checklist for The Good Life with an easy and affordable read

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be “Wow.”  If I had to choose a phrase, I would say “I hope he’s right.”  Lastly, the old adage “never judge a book by its cover” is definitely true for this one.