Matt Walsh has an interesting post up titled: Dear Millennial Men, Don’t Be Afraid of Marriage And Fatherhood.

Dalrock (a manosphere commentator) has an interesting counter response in his post: Don’t fear marriage and fatherhood, but beware those who are working to destroy your family.

Millennial Men according to Dalrock

Matt Walsh assumes that Millennial men are simply fearful and need to “man up.” Dalrock responds that younger men are not merely insecure about marriage and fatherhood, but rather they see the role of husband/father as the most belittled role in Western society. Bumbling fathers are the butt of every comedy movie and television show. Even “Christian” movies like Courageous and Fireproof focus on how Christian husbands are pathetic failures. And whereas Mother’s Day Sermons are focused on praising and honoring the hard work of mothers, Father’s Days sermons are often clerical screeds about how the men in the congregation are pathetic losers who are failing their wives and children.

Since men desire respect (more than they desire love), Dalrock observes that it is natural for Millennial men to resist entering into a presumably disrespected vocation (being a father). The feminist attempt to mock “patriarchy” has led men to pursue other avenues of respect (We observed this trend in a recent Maccabee post on asexual men in Japan: “Is it the Soy or the Porn?”).

Christian churches should again treat husbandry and fatherhood as honorable and revered roles. There is a reason why Eastern Orthodox men have better church attendance than Catholic men and Protestant men: the Eastern Churches aren’t sold out on the liberal Western notion that being a father amounts to being a fool.

  • Men slave to become CEOs because it’s honorable.
  • Men exhaust their bodies in athletic pursuits because it’s honorable.
  • Men volunteered their service and gave their lives in just wars because it was honorable.

Are we telling Millennial men that becoming a father is honorable?

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