Gentlemen, a delightful film has finally made its way to Netflix. Add it to your queue.

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Based on true events, 6 Days recounts the dramatic Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980, in which six armed Mohammedans took over the Iranian embassy in London and threatened to execute hostages until their demands were met.

Much of the film’s brilliance owes to its simplicity. Like Dunkirk, it maintains an existentialistic aesthetic, with minimal character development or historical contextualization. Normally such features would be considered flaws, but director Toa Fraser manages to pull it off.

The plot arc is essentially thus:

  • Mohammedans take over an embassy in London and hold 26 bystanders hostage
  • Mohammedans demand the release of Arab prisoners in Iran
  • Thatcher tells Mohammedans to go to hell
  • An SAS unit (UK equivalent of SEALs/Delta) storms the embassy and liquidates the Mohammedans on live TV

Does a movie need anything else to be good?

No, it doesn’t.

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Like Dunkirk, the film also sparks a nostalgia for a Britain of old – daring, tough, and unapologetic. This Britain is rapidly dissipating, owing to the Satanic alliance between secular Leftism and Islam. In today’s London, Mohammad is the most popular name for boys, the murder rate is set to overtake that of New York’s, terror attacks are the new normal, Mohammedan rape gangs operate with near impunity, and anyone who has the audacity to speak out is thrown in jail or banned from entering the country.

To make matters worse, rather than serving as a bulwark of resistance or moral conservatism, the collapsing Church of England has opted to busy itself with more pressing concerns, like recruiting transgender “priests”. In similar fashion, rather than addressing the escalating violence, Britain’s police appear to be focused on more important issues, like LGBT sensitivity training, Pride parades, and arresting those who make politically incorrect tweets. Combined with the Left’s Culture of Death, brought into focus recently by the murder of Alfie Evans, but marked primarily by demographic decline and subsequently replacing the indigenous population with hostile, mostly unskilled Mohammedans, and you have a recipe for social apocalypse.

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The Kali Yuga is near.

Pray for a restoration of sanity in the UK. And pray for more men like those who participated in Operation Nimrod.

England desperately needs them.