People are quick to note that in a general election match up, Hilary Clinton currently beats Trump and Ted Cruz is even with Clinton or maybe slightly beating her (+3% Cruz).

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 6.09.14 PM

Here’s the problem: the Presidency isn’t won by popular election.

It’s won through the electoral college and the demographics for 2016 show that the Republican or Democratic Presidential nominee will win by securing 7 key swing states for the electoral college. Here are those 7 states along with which GOP contender has the most support in each of these states:

  1. Ohio (Kasich won with Trump second by only 3%)
  2. Colorado (Trump)
  3. Iowa (Cruz)
  4. Nevada (Trump)
  5. New Hampshire (Trump)
  6. Virginia (Trump)
  7. Florida (Trump)

If we want to secure an Anti-Clinton win, it appears that Trump can best rally the pivotal swing states for the elector college. Math is math.

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