Here are four ways for a man to improve his image and confidence in 24 hours:

  1. Standup straight. Put your chest out. Keep your chin up. This is not cocky. It’s good posture. So many people have poor posture. Stand tall.
  2. Make eye contact. The key to this is to put down your phone and keep your chin up. When you talk to the girl at the counter, make eye contact. Look her in the eyes. When your boss engages you in conversation, look him in the eyes. Don’t flare from left and right of a persons head. Keep locked on.
  3. Take up space. Don’t curl into yourself like a ball. Open up. Put your arm on the back of the chair next to you. Or put your hands behind your head. Put your hands behind your back (not over your crotch). Keep your legs apart. Be comfortable. See video example below.
  4. Go for a walk. Leave your phone and earbuds behind. Walk to lunch. Walk after work. Walk around work. Be on the move. Walking will inspire great thoughts in your in mind. Sitting is the new smoking.

These are 4 things that I try to accomplish daily. One thing I would add: have a mentality of success and abundance. Having a defeatist mentality often leads to a defeatist image and posture. Be a victor.

For fun, watch this video of President Obama and Vladimir Putin. Note the body language and make your own conclusions:

Politics aside, move around like Putin – not like Obama. Notice how Obama is curled up and sweeps his eyes to avoid eye contact. Weakness is spilling out of him.

Read the comments under this video at Youtube for more analysis of body language and confidence.

PS: What’s up with the dude and the black leather boot pumping the copper?

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