As my wife and I watched the local news this morning, worried about the escalating deluge, we were momentarily stunned to see a beloved priest, Fr. David Bergeron, being interviewed from his kayak. Much of Houston is currently underwater, so Fr. David decided to canoe his way to a store for wine, and take mass directly to the people. Unfortunately, Texas law prohibits the sale of alcohol prior to noon on Sundays, momentarily delaying father’s plans for sacramental rescue. We’re confident he still brought Christ to a lot of distressed people, however, so we salute father’s fortitude and pietas. 

Fr. David hails from a large, devout Catholic family in Quebec. He currently serves at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, Texas. He served as my wife’s spiritual director and even did some of our wedding preparation, so I can attest to his deep faith and Maccabean character.