Welcome, men. Today we introduce Episode 1 of Deplorably Rigid Podcast, my new podcast. How many episodes will there be? That depends on a lot of things, not least on the reception of this first podcast. In today’s episode, my friends and I descend into the weeds of both Gregorian and Anglican Chant. Aaron McGarvey (author of The Casualties of Bad Church Music, not to be confused with The Plague of Bad Church Music by Benedict Augustine) and Scott Whitmore assist me in looking over the following:


PART 1: Incarnation Catholic Church, A Brief History (1:30)

Resources: Incarnation Catholic Church’s Website, The Sunday Homilies of Incarnation Catholic Church

PART 2: Resources for Practicing Gregorian Chant (8:00)

PART 3: Practicing Gregorian Chant (14:15)

PART 4: Anglican Chant (23:53)


PART 5: The Historical Development of Chant (29:34)

Missa Papae Marcelli, Palestrina (1525-1594), the Mass that Saved Polyphony:

PART 6: The Importance of Chant (33:45)

All Souls’ Mass at Incarnation Catholic Church: